Monday, 21 January 2013

Gzip in Objective C

Reduce client side download time 

Gzip is a compression technique better than zip . The main advantage of gzip is to upload/download data from server to client quickly. All enterprise application uses XML or JSON and the size of the XML or JSON is very big and client side will take more time to download/upload data from server, to reduce the download/upload time GZipped data is needed.
   GZip compression will reduce download and upload time from server to client and client to server respectively.
Gzip will compress XML /JSON/ HTML data upto 60% ,so its very lighter on wire to download from client side.
To improve the performance of application, can send the gziped sqlite file from server to client, then its easy to download and use the sqlite directly.

GZip in iOS :-

Reference :-


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